The new Apple iPhone 5 – what all it has got for you?

Apple iPhones have always favorite among the mobile users due to its overwhelming features and smart applications. The recent from the Apple is the iPhone 5 which is smart enough to capture the attention of the younger as well as previous era’s younger generation. More »

Emerging Trend Large LCD Monitors For Surveillance and Security

Increasingly video-based surveillance and security systems are being widely adopted by both corporations and consumers primarily due to increasing need for surveillance in these turbulent times More »

Canon Cameras – the best friend of hi-tech photographers

If you are a photographer by hobby or by profession then the Cannon Cameras will be greatly fascinating devices for you! More »

Wonderful Samsung GALAXY S III and its wonderful features

In the market obsessed with variety of new and smart phones, surviving all the critical acclaims is a little bit tough job. More »

Sharp 108” LCD TV /Display: An Eye-Catcher for Businesses!

In November, Sharp India did the product release for the largest flat panel LCD display in the world – the 108-inch LB-1085 model. More »


The Best Antivirus For Windows 8 is Free For Users

Best antivirus that supports Windows 8

Apart from the new features, Microsoft has also enhanced the security feature of Windows 8 OS, which is the most important feature for any OS. As we know, malware and virus attacks are very common on Windows OS as compared to the other OS. It becomes necessary to install a third-party security application for protection from these attacks.

Most of the branded manufacturers sell Windows PCs, which comes with pre-installed (either trial version of license of one year) antivirus. After the expiration period, user needs to renew the package. This is a very common issue with home or small business users. But don’t worry if you are running genuine windows OS in your PC, then the best antivirus that supports Windows 8 is free for you.

Attach documents in Gmail is no more a pain on android

How to send attachments in Gmail on Android Phones and Devices.

Using Gmail from android smart phone has made the life of busy working guys a lot easier. Being able to send and receive emails from android devices, why wait until you get to Laptop or PC to reply to an important emails?

Unfortunately, smart phones and tablets aren’t quite on par with desktop computers yet. Attaching files to email on Android is a little tedious as I have experienced myself, as most of the time you’re limited to attaching only photos and videos, especially when using the Gmail app for Android. There is no direct method to attach a document in Gmail, while using android devices. That does not mean this is a limitation in android rather than the feature is not available for security reason.

If you need to reply to a mail via Gmail app along with an attached document, follow 3 simple steps.

How Google Search Engine Works! Keep your website on top of Google search result page

As everyone is familiar with Google and it’s searching technology. There are lots of search engines are available in the internet, but no one is popular like Google.  How Google search engine searches your queries in less than a second and displays results for you? You should know about some important tricks and tips before hosting your web site or blog on the internet.

There are two different stories while talking about Google search.
1. For getting better results, User needs to know some useful tricks and tips while searching   in Google. I have already written a nice article in my blog regarding the same. If you are interested then please read the article Top 15 Google Search Secrets You Might not Know.
2. How Google search engine works internally? What are the major steps that help you to keep your website on top of the search engine result page?

Is Your System Ready for Support Windows 8 Operating System?

What You Know About Windows 8 Operating System?

Windows 8 operating system is the latest release of the Windows operating system from Microsoft. As we know, Most of Microsoft’s products are always very popular and user friendly. Hence this time also Windows 8 introduces major changes to the operating system’s platform, primarily focused towards improving its user experience.

There are so many new features has been introduced along with some performance improvement as compare to the previous version Windows 7. Also Microsoft has removed some old features in Windows 8 operating system.

8 New features that makes Windows 8 very popular.

Lets discuss about some new added features starting from your computer boot up to shutdown with windows 8 operating systems. There are so many new features are available with Windows 8, but lets discuss about some important features only.

Nokia launched Lumia 510, release in November for price around $200

Nokia Lumia 510 smart phone features, release date, pricing details.

Finally Nokia is launching it’s latest budget Lumia 510 smart phone in India. Nokia Lumia 510 is from Microsoft’s popular Windows Phone series. As we know the Windows phone price is always higher than other phones, but this time Nokia lowers down the price, so that it can fit in your pocket. The Nokia Lumia 510 will be available in India this Diwali. The expected price is -Rs. 11,000. It would also be available in China, South America and other countries in Asia in the month of November 2012.

Best 3 features in Nokia Lumia 510 mobile phone.

  1. The Windows Phone operating system, you can feel like using Microsoft Windows Desktop PC.
  2. The Tiles feature. This is the best feature I ever seen in any smart phone.  You can find all the updates on the home screen of the phone. It may be face book, tweeter, mails, messages,  voice or video calls or any other application.